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Il coraggio di realizzare alternative è la nostra più grande risorsa.

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With ALIO, AEQ reinvents the concept of portable IP audio-codec.
PHOENIX MERCURY audiocodecs in combination with the ControlPhoenix MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
AEQ VENUS is a dual IP stereo, full duplex audiocodec system.
Phoenix STRATOS is a Dual channel rackmounted audiocodec
Robust 19"-rack transmitter for wireless monitoring. Up to 6 x 32 tunable channels. Switchable HF output power. Can be synchronized with the receiver using infrared interface.
Plug-on transmitter that turns XLR-equipped microphones into wireless ones. Compatible with all 2000 series receivers. Up to 6 x 64 user-programmable channels. Easy synchronization with receiver via infrared interface.
High-quality handheld transmitter. Compatible with all ew capsules. Up to 6 x 64 user-programmable channels. Switchable output power. User-friendly menu operation with backlit graphic display. Rugged metal housing.
Lightweight, robust bodypack transmitter. AF frequency response optimized for bass guitar. Up to 6 x 64 user-programmable channels. Easy receiver-transmitter synchronization at the push of a button. All-metal housing.
True diversity twin receiver version of the EM 2000. The RF signal can be looped through with the help of an integrated active splitter. Allowing the set up of systems with up to 16 channels without using external splitters.
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