Richiedi Informazioni

  • Quick charge current : ENDURA ELITE / E-10 & E-10S Li-ion batteries: 1 Battery: 4A / 2 batteries: 3A. All other ENDURA & NP-L type Li-ion batteries: 3A. All Ni-Cd batteries: 2.5A
  • Input Voltage : AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions : 5.94(W)x3.11(H)x8.74(D) inches
  • Weight : 2.43 lbs approx
  • Compatible batteries : All IDX ENDURA System Li-ion Batteries. All IDX NP-type Li-ion/Ni-Cd batteries via A-E2NP Charge Adaptor.

The VL-2SPLUS is a 2-ch simultaneous V-Mount charger with built-in 100W DC power supply. It also offers the new IDX PowerBase mode which provides battery powered DC when an AC feed is not available. Charges NP-style Ni-Cd & Li-ion batteries using optional A-E2NP.