Fujinon XK 20-120

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Offers high optical performance compatible with 4K cameras and covers a wide range of focal length from 20mm to 120mm. It also realizes T3.5 brightness in the entire zoom range. There is no T drop and it offers comfortable operation. Various scenes can be shot with this single lens.



Model name

  • XK6×20
  • Product image

  • Compatible cameras

    super 35mm PL-mount cameras
  • Focal length

  • Zoom ratio

    6 ×
  • T-No.

  • Number of diaphragm blades

  • Minimum Object Distance?M.O.D.?from image plane

    1.1/3ft 7in
  • Object size?M.O.D.?at 16:9 aspect ratio*

    20mm 1109 × 624
    120mm 182 × 102
  • Angle of view at 16:9 aspect ratio*

    20mm 63°41' × 38°30'
    120mm 11°49' × 6°40'
  • Focus operation angle

  • Zoom operation angle

  • Size (approximate)

    ?114 × 239mm
  • Weight (approximate)

  • 2.9kg With drive unit / 
    2.4kg Without drive unit

  • Optical technology to achieve 4K optical performance

    By bringing together the optical performance that Fujifilm takes pride in, we have developed PL-mount lenses compatible with Super 35 mm sensors. We have achieved this high level of optical performance, which surpasses 4K, by combining a special optical glass (ED glass, specifically, fluorite) and a large-diameter aspherical lens to keep various aberrations under control. While controlling distortion and image angle variations during focusing, we have significantly improved resolution up to the edges of the screen. In addition, adopting a three-group zoom mechanism makes it possible to control variations in optical performance when zooming, demonstrating high optical performance over the entire zoom range—from wide angle to telephoto. Further, we have adopted a newly developed HT-EBC coating. It achieves even higher light transmittance and lower reflectance compared to conventional EBC coatings, and improves red and blue transmittance. It enables 4K video expression with rich color fidelity.